Another monster day of climbing – but we made it to the top!

Today brought another monster day of climbing, but we finally reached the highland plateau at about 3000 feet and began moving slowly south. We’re encountering deep snow, which makes the going slow, but the weather has been gorgeous so far and the team remains in great spirits. The landscape here is pristine, the vistas stunning. The area we’re travelling across is uninhabited and rarely traversed in winter. We’ve encountered no wildlife so far. Polar bears in this region are extremely rare, though an occasional bear will show up from Greenland, having either hitched a ride on a chunk of ice or swum or a combination of both.
Tomorrow morning Aaron will be doing a skype interview with CNN International at 8:30am Iceland time, so be sure to tune in (for those of you stateside, that’s 3:30am ET, but we imagine it will be re-aired at other times throughout the day).
Finally, a big happy birthday to our videographer Matthew Whalen!! We fed him his favorite tent meal of buttery mac and cheese with summer sausage, followed by a Reese’s peanut butter cup with a match for a candle. You rock, Whalen! What better way to spend a birthday then in a tent on top of a mountain in Iceland 🙂
The team is hoping to hit our sleeping bags earlier than last night as the past two days have been a tough workout. We’ve posted a short video clip of the northern lights from last night as our treat for you, and will post a longer update tomorrow. For now, good night!
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