What do you care most about in your community and life? What are you most thankful for that gives you hope for the future? Share your photos and videos with us via Twitter and Instagram and hashtag them with #choose2care.
We’ve shared 20 reasons to #choose2care about the environment below. What would you add to this list?
  1. Our lives are at stake, as are our children’s and grandchildren’s.
  2. Research has shown that helping others increases our own level of happiness. Caring for the planet means you are helping more than 7 billion other people. That’s 7 billion happy vibes coming your way!
  3. As human beings, we are intimately connected to the land, whether we spend time there or not. It nourishes us and provides us with natural resources that allow us to live our lives in relative comfort.
  4. For many, the natural world is an essential component to a healthy mind and spirit, as well as a healthy body. It feeds our soul.
  5. Our earth is a fragile planet with limited resources. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, as we’ve seen in many examples throughout history.
  6. A fight for limited resources, whether in your backyard or halfway around the world, can lead to war and destruction as people battle to survive. Eventually that destruction spreads outside borders and touches us all.
  7. If you knew you or a loved one was going to have to fight a deadly disease sometime in the future, but that if you acted now, you could do something to prevent that disease or to make it not so deadly, would you? Climate change is no different. 97% of scientists agree it’s happening. There are things we can do to act now to help mitigate it.
  8. Clean water is of critical importance to all living things. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. If you care about nothing else, you should care about our lakes and rivers and seas.
  9. “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” John Muir
  10. Spending time in nature has been shown to have multiple health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, fighting off depression, and combatting back stress. It’s even been shown that mere visual exposure (e.g., through a window) to a serene natural environment improves mental health.
  11. Research has also shown that children who play outdoors regularly are happier, healthier, and stronger than those who do not.
  12. Change starts with each of us. We need to all step up and do our share and not rely on the other guy to do what’s right or leave future generations to clean up messes we are making now.
  13. Going green can benefit you financially. There are many ways to reduce energy consumption and reuse existing resources that will help your bottom line.
  14. Life without oxygen is impossible. We need to pay serious attention to how much we as individuals and nations contribute to air pollution and forest destruction.
  15. Trash and plastic are piling up in oceans and remote corners of the world. Can you imagine vacationing on a litter-strewn tropical beach, swimming in toxic seas, or hiking through a garbage dump? We need to all be mindful of the amount of waste we produce, as well as seek alternatives to non-biodegradable plastics.
  16. Most people don’t need to make sweeping life changes to help protect the planet. There are small everyday steps that, when taken collectively, can have a huge impact on the environment.
  17. Caring for the planet shows respect for past caretakers of the earth and is a gift to future generations.
  18. In the words of Aldo Leopold, “think like a mountain.” To think like a mountain means to appreciate the fundamental interconnectedness of all the elements in an ecosystem.
  19. Renewables and other technological innovations help the environment while also creating new job opportunities that can benefit the economy. You could be the inventor of an entirely new industry!
  20. What do you have to lose?