Climb every mountain

Today brought hills and more hills, with a steady upward push through deep snow and big drifts. It was a tough travel day for sure, but the team still managed to rock 10 miles and have fun along the way. Key to avoiding hypothermia and maintaining energy are keeping hydrated, monitoring layers to ensure we don’t get too sweaty, and eating lots of calories. The near 24 hours of daylight here is amazing, though we miss seeing the stars at night. The quiet here is surreal. There are few places on Earth more beautiful or peaceful than this, surrounded by granite mountains covered in snow. We are getting closer and closer to the Arctic Ocean, and hope to reach the sea ice tomorrow. We’ve heard from the locals that there are lots of polar bears about on the sea ice, hunting seals, so we’ll be on especially close lookout for them. In the meantime, we are busy in the tent tonight, editing videos and melting snow for water.
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