The little yellow hut

We woke to white-out conditions and chillier temps today after a night of strong wind. The terrain was thankfully not all uphill, but still rolling and bringing challenge in the form of very deep snow. The team pushed ahead, with Chris and Matthew frequently checking our route via GPS, as between the stark landscape and the whiteout conditions, navigation was difficult.
The land we traveled across today was surreal, mostly bare and snow-covered with the exception of large rocks that jutted sporadically out of the snow. The rocks looked like small people or huts or mythical beasts. We can completely understand where Icelandic folktales about trolls and other fairytale creatures spring from.
After two nights in the tent, our destination today was a mountain hut, nestled along the shore of a frozen lake. Though our trek today concluded with a climb up a steep hill, we were thrilled at the top to see the hut in the near distance, bright yellow against the snow. The hut is small and cozy and has a heat source! There’s no running water, but there’s an outhouse (a luxury for us), a small stove we can cook on, and bunks where we can spread out our sleeping bags.
At the moment, Aaron is melting snow for water, Matthew is editing a video to share with you all (see above), Jeni is writing and reviewing photos, and Chris is taking a short nap. Chris has been working hard pulling the heaviest load and serving as chief navigator. He’s also been recovering from bronchitis on top of everything else, so his catnap is more than deserved.
Everyone’s quads are feeling the hard work we’ve put in the past few days. But nothing beats pushing your physical and mental strength to their limits in the outdoors, especially in a wilderness as beautiful as what we’re traveling through here in Iceland. We can only hope that pristine landscapes such as this stay untouched forever. #choose2care
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