On the land!

It has been an absolutely crazy but beautiful day. We headed out by snowmachine and qamutik sled this morning across some simply stunning Arctic landscapes. Once we got off the ice and headed inland, however, we quickly encountered some wicked, hilly, rocky terrain. The qamutik sled we were riding in smacked straight into a rock at one point, and the sled came completely apart. Thankfully no one was hurt, and Mason and Joelie, our Inuit friends who were pulling the sled behind a snowmachine, were able to repair it. The next 10 or so miles, though, took us through a crazy boulder field in the mountains, with countless stops to push and pull the qamutiks (and snowmachines) around and over the many rocky obstacles. After a bumpy and adventure filled day, we were happy to finally set up camp and get some sleep in preparation for our first big day of pulking tomorrow. Here’s hoping the terrain in the coming days holds fewer rocks than what we’ve encountered so far!
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