Boarding our plane for Akureyri

On the road!

Travel day has arrived at last! Navigating the airport and baggage check-in with all our gear, especially our pulks, is always a challenge. Onlookers watch in fascination and often approach us with questions, wondering what the pulks are and where we are heading. The airline agents, on the other hand, often look at us with trepidation, but become fast friends with the team by the time the check-in process is all done.
The team traveled via Iceland Air from Minneapolis to Reykjavik, where we met with local guides at Icelandic Mountain Guides. Einar and Björgvin sat down with us with maps to give us tips on the route we’re planning to take for the trek. They also grabbed all our big gear to transport for us up to Akureyri, from where we’ll start our trek on Tuesday. Many thanks to everyone at Icelandic Mountain Guides, with a special shoutout to Björgvin, who has gone out of his way to help us out.
The team was fortunate to have time between flights to catch a short nap as we were all feeling a bit jetlagged. We caught our flight up to Akureyri in the early evening, escaping Reykjavik just in time. A big snowstorm hit the city soon after our departure, dumping over 20 inches of fresh powder and bringing the city to a standstill. It is the biggest snowfall the city has seen since 1937!>/div>

All is quiet here in Akureyri. The team is currently settled in at a beautiful traditional Icelandic timber house, our basecamp for the next few days to prep gear and capture some local interviews. In fact, we’re off to capture our first interview this afternoon, with a local scuba diver and underwater photographer who dives into the geothermal pools and chimneys around Iceland and who works to educate others about the diversity of underwater creatures found here and the importance of protecting them.
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