Schools and sunsets

Today we visited Nasivvik High School in Pond and met some amazing folks there, from the principal and vice principal to the teachers and students. We visited all the classrooms and spoke with the kids about our project and the trek, while learning about the incredible successes the school has celebrated lately, from five medals in the Skills Nunavut high school competition, to an entrepreneurship program in which students have raised almost $10,000 in funds, to the school looking forward to honoring 13 graduating seniors this year. We are excited to stop by the Heritage Fair at the school tomorrow! Many thanks to principal Bob Wells and vice principal Claude Pike for welcoming us to the school today and showing us around. Our day ended with a glorious sunset across the sea ice and mountains of Bylot Island. We couldn’t ask for a more memorable send-off before we depart Pond for Iqaluit tomorrow, en route home.
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