Stalled in Ottawa

We have reached Canada! But… we are stalled in Ottawa. After our flights yesterday to Toronto and then Ottawa, we were thwarted in our efforts today to reach Arctic Bay by the weather up north in Iqaluit, where a snowstorm is raging. We had an early rise this morning and headed to the airport excited to head true north. It took almost two hours to get through check-in and security with all our gear — a challenging process, to say the least. Then, just as we were walking to our gate, we got the message that the first leg of our flight north had been canceled. Ugh. So we were forced to go retrieve our four pulks and more than dozen bags of gear that we’d checked, and head back to the Ottawa hotel we’d stayed at the night before. At first it looked like we wouldn’t be able to get on another flight to Arctic Bay until Wednesday, but the airline thankfully decided last-minute to add an extra flight up to Arctic Bay tomorrow. And so we’ll try again tomorrow, with fingers crossed, and hope that we can at last make it north and get this expedition seriously underway!
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