Wind and fire!

“Two things I don’t like to talk about: wind and polar bears. They seem to control my mind out here and I simply want to face them alone. The wind demands constant reflection on your body’s temp, and the tough-mindedness to be a bit cold at all times so you don’t sweat. The fierce relentlessness of the wind here is like nowhere else. We were warned. Just the other night we considered double-poling the tent against the strong wind that drifted snow high onto our sleds and tent. And yet the temps here are mild compared to other parts of the Arctic where I’ve traveled. Today the temp in Arctic Bay in the Canadian Arctic, where I was just a year ago, plummeted to -40 F. It’s almost 50 F degrees warmer here in the Icelandic highlands. The moderating effect of the warm ocean currents allow for a small swing of temps, even in the highlands. Now, as I load my pulk, I’m thankful for another day in this beautiful country. We are psyched to share this #adventurelearning experience with the world.” Aaron
If you haven’t guessed yet, we faced strong winds again today. The wind didn’t slow the team down at all though. Just made for a quick lunch standing up and then a happy push forward again, so our bodies didn’t cool down too much. We are loving the challenge of the hilly, windy landscape here, the snow always dancing at our feet.
We had a scare in the tent last night when a stove flooded with fuel and then caught fire. Thanks to a plan put in place just minutes before by Aaron, the team reacted with calm and got the stove out of the tent lickety–split, with Chris holding the inner tent door wide, and Whalen the vestibule. Aaron grabbed the stove with gloved hands and rushed it outside, where he tossed it quickly in the snow. It proceeded to explode. The team breathed a collective sigh of relief. Amazingly, this event was all caught on video – check out the newest video update above!
Finally, we have a cool treat for everyone tonight. We brought along a virtual reality camera on this trip for the first time, and we’ve got three fun VR experiences from the trail for everyone to try out on their mobile devices. It works online too – you can move around within the photo using your mouse – but the experience on mobile is particularly cool, especially if you’ve got VR glasses. Explore the VR shots via the links below:
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